By Royal Appointment

The children all looked fabulous in their outfits.

The day began with a visit from Her Majesty The Queen. The children greeted her with a bow or a curtsy before asking her lots of great questions.

They then participated in a range of activities including, making a shield, designing a crown, building a Lego castle, drawing a portrait of the Queen and making a Jam sandwich.

In the afternoon they enjoyed twirling their partners around in a dance.

This week in English

We have started our new text called The Gardener.

We discovered a bag of items in the classroom on Tuesday. There was a hairbrush, some seeds, a sketch pad, some colouring pencils, a sun hat, some envelopes and a shiny, silver purse. The children wrote some excellent sentences describing these objects.

We then discovered some letters from Lydia Grace. She was going to stay with her Uncle in the city.

We recreated the train journey in the classroom.

We then wrote in the first person as Lydia, describing what we could see on the train and how we were feeling.

This week in maths

We have started our work on fractions. First we were learning to count in halves.

Then we had to help Zuma and Rubble share their picnic.







The children worked really well in their groups discussing how they were going to share each item of the picnic fairly. They even got the balance scales out to make sure it was fair!

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Volcanic eruption

In science we have been learning about rocks and soils. This week we were learning about volcanoes. For obvious reasons we couldn’t visit a real volcano so we made one in class and using household items we made it erupt.

Please share what you have learnt about volcanoes on the blog. image



The children have been very busy making snowflakes for Gallones ice cream parlour. This afternoon they visited the parlour to see their snowflakes on display.


Of course you can’t visit an ice cream parlour and not enjoy an ice cream while your there.

Castle art

The children worked very hard sketching and painting a picture of a castle. They observed the pictures carefully and tried to include all the details in their painting. They are beautiful, well done year 3!imageimage