Show and tell

The children will have the opportunity to show and tell tomorrow (Friday 20th April). This could be somewhere they visited or something they did in the holidays; something they have achieved; or something that they have made.  Anything that is special to them that they would like to share with the class.

If they don’t want to show and tell they don’t have to. There will also be another show and tell in the last week of this term.


Book fair competition

The children came home on Friday with a piece of bunting. To enter the book fair competition they need to draw a picture of their favourite book on the bunting. All entries need to be in on Monday 13th November so that a winner can be chosen. The winner recieves a book of their choice from the book fair.

The book fair will be in the school hall after school on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Monday 20th November so please come along and see what they have to offer.


This week we have been looking at instructional writing.

First we followed a set of instructions to make some shortbread biscuits for the queen. We had to taste test them of course! They were delicious!

We also ordered a set of instructions and added verbs and adverbs to describe how to do it.

We then wrote a set of instructions on how to make a clay coin.


Writing letters

We have recently found a pen pal called Annie. She has been learning about the Royal family in Belgium and saw that we had been learning about the Queen of England. She wanted to know more about our Royal family so we have been very busy writing letters to Annie to share with her what we have learnt about the Queen and her family.